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Keyboardist Morris Hayes (Prince and the New Power Generation)

Keyboardist/Producer Morris Hayes (Prince and the NPG) visited Musicians Reveal with Joe Kelley while in residency at the 3121...

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Bernie Worrell (Parliament-Funkadelic, Talking Heads) Last Interview with Musicians Reveal with Joe Kelley

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bernie Worrell was a true genius in the music world. He was a...

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Purple Funkster Julian Stefoni (Erotic City Prince Tribute Band)

Julian Stefoni recently passed away from a nine month long battle with cancer. We wanted to air the interview...

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Funk-Kin Drummer Nowell Haskins Pt. 2

Funk-Kin drummer Nowell Haskins visited us in-studio for in-depth conversation and musical special. Funk-Kin is composed of sons and...

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Connecticut’s Sister Funk Live in Studio for Concert and Interview

Sister Funk are they funk? Nope! What are they? They are a rock-country, folk-pop band based out of New...

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New Orleans Musician/Producer Renard Boissiere Interview

New Orleans native Renard Boissiere (Nardy) breaks all boundaries whether he hits the stage with his eclectic, electric band,...

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Funk Musician Tedi “Son Of Pearl” Robinson

Joe Kelley Radio sits down with funk and roll artist Tedi “Son Of Pearl” Robinson. “Son Of Pearl” Neo...

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NYC Singer/Songwriter Jann Klose Releases 7th Album “Surrender”

Joe Kelley Radio sits down with NYC singer/songwriter Jann Klose to discuss his hugely successful career and the release...

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