Musicians Reveal with Joe Kelley

Jazz-Funk Fusion Keyboardist Stephen Pfister

Stephen Pfister is an immensely talented artist who has made his home for the last 13 years in the town of Blue Hill, Maine. Doesn’t seem like a likely place, but there are musicians everywhere. Playing piano and organ for Big Pete Pearson when he was in Bar Harbor, ME. started things off. That lead to the first CD “Less Is More” with bassist Jason Fiefield and saxophonist Mark Hanson. . Pfister then went on to record a dynamic solo CD “Cold Hands-Warm Heart”. In 2006, Pfister released the funky “Coastal Grooves” which Smother Review said “Good Stuff…Buy it Now”. Pfister released the critically-acclaimed funk outing “Monsters From The Deep Invades The Beach Party”.

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