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Funk Vocalist Dawn Silva (Brides of Funkenstein)

Dawn Silvais an Americanfunkvocalist.

Silva started her career as a background vocalist forSly and The Family Stone. She joinedP-Funkin 1977. She was the only originalBrides of Funkensteinmember to continue through the Brides’ entire career. In 1978, withLynn Mabry, she released the successfulFunk Or Walk. The Bride’s first single release onAtlantic Records, “Disco To Go”, sold over five hundred thousand units, and was certifiedGold. In 1979, withSheila HorneandJeanette McGruder, she released the top single “Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy,” voted byRolling Stonein 2001 as one of the top 50 coolest albums ever released. The Brides were the only group in the P-Funk organization to receive a Rhythm and Blues Award in 1981 forNever Buy Texas From A Cowboy.

Later career

Silva recorded and toured withThe Gap Bandin 1982. She signed a solo deal withPolygram Recordsin 1988, but her debut album was never released.

Her recording and touring credits include but are not limited to;Ice Cube,Boyz n the Hood,Roy Ayers,Snoop Dogg,Coolio,B.B. King, andParliament Funkadelic. Her first solo album release in Europe on Musisoft (Paris France)All My Funky Friends, December 2000, sold thousands of units, and was hailed byTower Records(2001) as the only authentic funk album to be released in over two decades.

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