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Funk Rocker Morris Mills Interview

Morris Lee Mills(born June 10,Greenville,Texas , United States) is an American,rock andfunk singer-songwriter.

For Black musicians “Rock” is a 4 letter word. The music genre of Rock has a handful of engineering craftsmen who have taken ownership in the art from while being members of the African-American culture. To be Black & a Rock musician is a small exclusive club. Single synonymous names like Prince and Jimi are distinguished not only as talented musicians, but identifiable figures in Rock music. Forerunners such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Thin Lizzy, Shuggie Otis & Ernie Isley opened doors for Rick James, Lenny Kravitz, Fishbone, Ben Harper & Living Colour. This passing of the torch includes the fusion of Jazz, Soul, Funk & Pop. It’s a handshake amongst musicians that in this life of Rock is rare but sincere. Morris Mills now adds his name to that book of music.

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