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Nuevo Flamenco Guitarist Jonathan Fritz

Jonathan Fritz is a Nuevo Flamenco artist from New York City and travels the world playing for a wide range of audiences. As a self taught player, he has mastered many guitar stylings and is a passionate stage performer. He has toured with an eclectic mix of artists, such as Lionel Richie and Richie Havens and has played with people like John Mayer, Josh Stone, Gavin Degraw, Billy Joel, Van Morrison and Jimmy Buffet to name a few.

Jonathan is especially gifted at creating a mood and reading an audience to deliver a heartfelt show. Or, in the words of Evangeline Lily, who recently caught a performance at a tapas bar in Manhattan and posted on her tumblr page: “I sit enthralled, humbled, caressed, drawn in by the bewitching fingers of a Spanish guitarist. My heart melts with the wax of my dinner candle, and the words flow through my hand like the conversation and the red wine in this tapas bar. Strangers become my friends as the cold in the street insulates us in our cozy, warm nook. Life is like a dream while I brush shoulders with infinity.”

Jonathan’s music covers the gamut of human emotions from very mellow and classical sounding to blistering uptempo Flamenco-like songs that are reminiscent of the music of Paco De Lucia, the Gipsy Kings, Ottmar Liebert or Strunz & Farrah. Even though Jonathan plays mostly his own music, he does play songs like Paco DeLucia’s famous Entre Dos Aquas and the Gipsy King version of Hotel California. He enjoys playing Spanish guitar versions of popular songs but also will play different styles like Blues, Rock, RnB and Reggae, if the spirit calls for it.

Jonathan regularly performs at Festivals, Corporate Events, Gallery openings, Schools, Weddings, Community Events, Private Parties, Vineyards, Fundraisers, Music Venues, Bars and Restaurants. He has recently played in Rome and Naples, Italy, Tirana, Albania, Baku, Azerbaijan, Moscow, Almaty, Kazakstan and is always inspired and influenced by the places he travels to and the people he meets.

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