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Connecticut’s Sister Funk Live in Studio for Concert and Interview

Sister Funk are they funk? Nope! What are they? They are a rock-country, folk-pop band based out of New Haven, CT who has been sharing national stages with acts like: Mellissa Etheridge, B52s, Foreigner, ZZ Top for close to 20 years.

Did you say 20 years? Yes this group has been to therapy and back to keep their high energy show going all these years.

2022 brings their 6th full-length independent CD release to the masses. Tracks off this new CD Wings To Fly are eclectic, more raw then their pervious releases and include some solid country-rock tunes such as Ride With Me & Life On The Road and some funky-blues-rock tunes like Want What I Want and It Ain’t You. There are some surprise genres on this compilation such as Frostbite (rock-metal) and One Small Step (electra-pop).

Sister Funk has been nominated for many awards and titles: Best Rock band- Advocate, Best Rock Song- New England Music and has had their song Gone featured on Sirius Out Q as #1 for 15 consecutive weeks. Sister Funk performances are known for being unpredictable, playing multiple instruments and performing medleys of their favorite cover songs with their own creative interpretation. Don’t be fooled by the name this dynamic band has something for everyone.


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