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Joe Kelley Radio Playlist Feb. 10th, 2021

Tomo Fujita- Crossing- Put On Your Funk Face
Jellybean Johnson- Let Me Shine On- Jellybean Johnson
Bernie Worrell and the WOO Warriors- Lucy- The WOO Warriors Live
Norah Jones- Thinking Of You- Not Too Late
Steve Clarke- Can You Hear Me Now?- Can You Hear Me Now?
K Sloan- Take Me Back To Summertime- Blank Pages
Shelby J and Anthony Hamilton- North Carolina- North Carolina
Anania- On and On- Reinvent The Feel
Jamiroquai- Blow Yur Mind- Emergency On The Planet
Sounds of Blackness- Sick and Tired ft. HSRA- Sick and Tired
Living Colour- Cult Of Personality- Vivid
Al Green You Are So Beautiful- Everything’s OK
Q-Tip- Vivrant Thing- Amplified
Tamika Nicole- Down- The Art Of Letting Go
Prince- Future Soul Song- 20Ten
Krystle Dos Santos- My Baby Cares Just For Me- Krystle Dos Santos
Steve Wallace- Urban Soul- Urban Soul
Ike Turner- Eighteen Long Years- Risin’ With The Blues
Son Of Pearl- Katherine and Tracey Dance (Slow Motion) – Valentine’s Suite IV
Chris Jasper- The Way You Love Me- The Way You Love Me

2 comments on “Joe Kelley Radio Playlist Feb. 10th, 2021

  1. Joe
    As always my friend you have put together an awesome set. I love the vibe of listening and hearing artist that I would have never found along with some of the mainstream greats. Drive on with the funk and the eclectic vibe.

    1. Thanks Brother Tedi and love the Valentine Suite which we have in heavy rotation. You have lifetime support here.

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